Scaps: Scala API Search

Scaps is a search engine for discovering functionality in Scala libraries (or in other words, a Hoogle for Scala). You can use both type signatures and keywords in your search queries.

Example Queries

max: Int - An integer value with `max` in it's name or doc comment.

max: (Int, Int) => Int - A function taking two ints and returning Int.

max: Int => Int => Int - Same query as above but in curried form.

Ordering[String] - Implementations of the `Ordering` typeclass for strings.

List[A] => Int => Option[A] - A generic query which uses a type parameter `A`. All type identifiers consisting of a single character are treated as type parameters.

List => Int => Option - The identical query as above but with omitted type parameters.

&~ - Searches for symbolic operators are also possible.

Scaps is an offspring of a master's thesis by Lukas Wegmann at the University of Applied Science Rapperswil (HSR).